Make 2015 a Successful Financial Year

step by step goals

step by step goals

Wow! Is it just me or does it feel like last year just flew by?

As the new year starts do you find yourself reflecting on what you did not accomplish during the year? It’s not easy making progress against our big goals is it?

Let’s think instead of how you will feel if you accomplish your goals. What would your life look like if you had a stronger financial foundation?
This is the time to reflect on last year and learn from your past mistakes. What did you learn? What can you do differently?

When I teach I get my students to decide what they want to accomplish and work the goals backwards. This way you are breaking your goals in to small baby steps. As an example lets say your end goal is to pay down debt. To have money to do that you are going to need to make more money or save more money from existing budget. Lets say that you have decided to cut money from your budget. You will need to sit down and figure out what those cuts will be. Here is a list of suggestions.

Go through pantry and freezer to see what existing groceries are available and meal plan around them.
Check existing phone, internet and television programs and see whether the costs can be reduced. (look into bundling, Netflix etc…)
Banking fees (there are accounts that do not charge fees)
Home and car insurance.
Make a list of expenditures that you can tuck money away for ie: emergency fund, Christmas and birthday gifts, car repairs, etc.. (these are what often cause the debt problem in the first place)
Make a list of low cost treats (home movie night, coffee in the park, hiking ..the list is endless)

Your goals and mini step list can be endless. Now you decide what time of day will work the best for you. (I find after I have done my dinner dishes to be a good time for me) Now you start at the top of your list and work your way down. It takes three weeks to change our habits so if you miss a night you just pick up where you left off. The key is to stay positive! There is no failure if you miss a night and the steps are so small that it is easy to just keep moving forward since each item is small and not daunting. The key is to make each step EASY!

Just think about what you could accomplish this year 10 minutes (one step) at a time. Here’s to your success!

Lisa Girdwood, is a Certified Financial Planner, Money Coach, Mortgage Agent, and Life Insurance Agent. She is passionate about educating and inspiring clients to have the life they want with the money they’ve got. You can reach her at or check out more of her work at


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