Step for Putting Your Financial Goals Into Actions


Putting Your financial goals into action

Steps for Putting Your Financial Goals Into Action

For every resolution you make there is always a justification for breaking it. But, the number one reason why most New Year’s resolutions fail is a lack of commitment!

If you genuinely want to change your life, then you have to change your habits, and commit to them. In order to stay motivated you must feel you are making progress. You can take big goals that seem overwhelming and breaking down into small action steps.

  1. Take a piece of paper and at the top right goal one: _______________________________
  2. Below write five action steps you could take:
  3. Save space at the bottom to create a vision board. A vision board is just pictures of what you are dreaming of achieving. (A goal without action is just a dream-at this point)

Here is an example of one goal and actionable steps to go with it.

Goal: Replace my 10 year old car by December.

Actionable Steps:

  1. Figure out how much I can afford to set aside by December.
  2. See if there are ways I could make more money or spend less.
  3. Research what reliable cars are available in that price range.
  4. Research the best way to get rid of my existing car.
  5. Let friends know that you are looking for a reliable used car.

Give each of these steps a deadline: As a example step one will be completed by next Wednesday. Put it on the calendar etc.. You may find really big goals require your 5 action steps to be broken down into even smaller steps. Sometimes it works well to put plan into a checklist that can be worked into your daily schedule. The point is once you have done this exercise you will have clarity and a plan.

Vision board: You could place a picture of the car you currently own (showing its worst side). Beside that you could place a picture of a newer car that is in much better shape. You could also put a picture of something you are going to do to celebrate you accomplishment. This vision board will give you the motivation you need to keep working towards your goal.

Take Action!

When you know where you are going, you are halfway their.

Lisa Ashton, is a Certified Financial Planner, Money Coach, Mortgage Agent, and Life Insurance Agent. She is passionate about educating and inspiring clients to have the life they want with the money they’ve got. You can reach her at or check out more of her work at


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