“Lisa is the one person I would recommend for Financial Fitness for Families. We have been friends for a long time and I do not hesitate in suggesting that if you want to invest in your family’s future , give Lisa a call to start the rest of your future.”

Lee Hitchins

“Lisa is totally professional, highly recommended “

Rhodena Bell

“Genuine, real and sincere, a wonderful person to know personally and professionally.”

Cindy Young

“Completely professional, hard working and trust worthy. Lisa’s attention to detail, and inspiring work ethic are key factors in the services that she provides daily.”

Joan Morrow

“I have known Lisa for many years and consider her a trusted friend. More than that though I trust her with my investments. I am thankful for her warmth, humour and sincerity as well as her knowledge in financial matters. “

Dorothy and Gord Mercier

“Lisa is a highly dedicated professional. She is friendly and knowledgeable and easy to do business with. Her sincerity makes her a perfect choice to represent you.”

Mary Beaudoin

“Lisa is a very caring and trustworthy person, with her knowledge and winning attitude you can’t go wrong.”

Sandra Brown

“I’ll definitely be coming to find you once I have a few dollars to invest!”

Brandon Ferrier

Note from Lisa: I was able to secure for Brandon and his wife a mortgage with one of the five banks. They had quoted him a rate that was 1.95% higher than I was quoted for the same product with the same bank. They will save $38,000 over the next 5 years! People have no idea the money they can save using a mortgage agent that works for them not the lender. I imagine they will use me again in 5 years, lol.