The Money Game

The Money GameThe Money Game™ provides a safe, fun, interactive, simulation-type environment full of lessons that are conceptual but easy to understand. We like to say “the room is the board, the players are the pieces and the lessons last a lifetime”.

The Money Game™ offers the most effective, most engaging, most entertaining financial literacy curriculum on the planet. The game developer believes that becoming financially free comes from making the right choices in life and developing the right financial habits…

  • Pay Yourself First
  • Save Early, Save Often
  • Put Your Money to Work For You
  • Spend Less Money Than You Make
  • Invest in Assets that Produce Passive Income
  • Only Borrow Money When it’s Going to Make You Money
  • Interest is Only Interesting When You’re Receiving It
  • And Many More!

Simply put, The Money Game™ makes money more user-friendly, and does it in the most wonderful, experiential, playful way possible.

Special Note:

If you’d love to use the Money Game to teach kids, teens, or adults about money but don’t want to teach it or purchase it yourself there will be folks who may be willing to come and teach it for you. Just send me a quick email and I will see if I can find someone for you. You are welcome as well to borrow my game!